9.28.2012 Fri
Lounge@JICOO The Floating Bar

The Lounge Bar 20:00-23:00


You will have the comfortable and relax mood while floating in TOKYO BAY.



Wataru Sakuraba

buna (Trench Warfare)

Sue Wing Gho(Down 2 the Roach prod.)



20110520_JICOO_LOUNGE_SET by buna




日の出桟橋発着所 20:00 21:00 22:00 >>MAP

お台場海浜公園発着所 20:30 21:30 22:30 >>MAP

※乗船定員がございます。当日の混雑状況はお電話にてご確認いただけます。 Tel 0120-049-490


■Bording Time

Hinode Pier 20:00 21:00 22:00 >>MAP

Odaiba Seaside Pier 20:30 21:30 22:30 >>MAP

※We have currently have boarding Capacity on the boat. We do recommend that you call and check our availability before boarding.   Tel 0120-049-490